Empower school staff

Your staff hold the keys to your school's culture. Equip your wellbeing leaders with the psychological skills to boost their resilience. Then empower them to pass on the same core skills to their colleagues and students.

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At a glance

  • Blended 4-part programme
  • For leaders and wellbeing leads
  • Build core psychological skills for resilience and wellbeing
  • 12 hours of live teaching (virtual or in-person)
  • Delivered by experienced psychologists
  • 12 months access to Positive NOW


A force for positive change

Support your champions

Equip a core team with the psychological skills to improve their own wellbeing and resilience. Help them manage stress and cope with change, so they can thrive in their roles.

Create momentum for change

Give your staff and wellbeing leads the confidence they need to drive positive change in your school. Build their skills, boost motivation and create a can-do team spirit.

Build a thriving school culture

Lay the foundations for an environment where your staff and students can flourish. Give your leaders the knowledge and tools to support wellbeing throughout your school.


A comprehensive approach to mental health

Real science


  • Harness cutting-edge science for mental health and resilience
  • Understand its relevance for the school environment
  • Learn directly from experienced psychologists
Blended approach education

Compelling, blended format

  • Experience engaging live sessions with Positive experts
  • Learn with staff from a diverse range of schools
  • Deepen your learning and practice with Positive NOW
App and switch

Evidence-based tools

  • Get insights into your mental health and resilience
  • Build skills with proven tools and techniques
  • Engage in practical challenges with your peers

How it works

Three simple steps to build skills

For each skillset, you will...

Explore the science

Prepare for your live session with short, digestible modules on the Positive NOW platform. Explore cutting-edge science and reflect on its relevance to you and your school.

Attend a live session

Enjoy small group sessions with experienced psychologists. Learn from your peers, share insights between schools and discover proven tools to use alone or with your students.

Carry out time-bound challenges

Test the tools using the Toolkit app. Reflect on your findings, share your learning and use Positive NOW to delve deeper into the topics that interest you most.

Psychological skills

Equip your staff to thrive

Working in a school can be incredibly challenging – it takes constant energy and resilience to be at your best. With Positive Educators, your staff will build four foundational skillsets that enable them not just to survive, but to thrive.


  • Improve emotional awareness
  • Regulate mood
  • Manage stress


  • Manage distractions
  • Improve energy
  • Promote creativity


  • Be more adaptive
  • Create perspective
  • Think flexibly


  • Boost social intelligence
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Build psychological safety

Ready to start your journey?

Speak to one of our experts about getting Positive Educators for your school.

“I feel equipped to manage my own mental health as a teacher because of the simple tools and strategies Positive have taught me . . . The ripple effect of this is wonderful and has given our school community a shared language to verbalise emotions and feelings.”

Abi Cox
Mental Health Coordinator & Positive Champion at The Belvedere Academy


Your questions, answered

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How many people can attend?

How long does the programme take?

What's the purpose of Positive NOW and is it necessary to complete the programme?

Does Positive Educators enable behavioural change?

How does the programme help students?

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