Research Director

Dr Eloise Crush

MSc, PhD

Eloise began her academic journey with an undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Nottingham where she developed an interest in memory and the potential for individuals to improve their cognitive abilities. After university, she accepted a graduate programme in banking, where she worked for several years in Corporate Banking and Restructuring. Later she worked as a Management Consultant, providing strategic and financial advice to banks, private equity firms and funds invested in the healthcare and medical sectors.

Eloise returned to the field of Psychology further to being awarded a 4-year scholarship from the Medical Research Council. She completed a MSc and PhD at King’s College London in Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry. Her PhD focused on Psychological Resilience, specifically considering protective factors for psychological wellbeing.

Eloise has a number of publications that have been able to establish the importance of cognitive ability, physical activity, social support and social cohesion for improving mental health outcomes amongst individuals in the general population, and amongst high risk groups exposed to adversity. She has a passion for positive psychology and understanding how psychological wellbeing and resilience can be sustained over time, and relatedly, the protective factors that support this process.

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